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December 22, 2011

(With deep apologies to poets everywhere) 


Tis the week before Christmas and all through my town

If you are not careful, you might get run down.

People are scurrying, scrambling and buying –

Just grabbing a gallon of milk can be trying.


The children are wishing and begging for snow,

Why school is out AN ENTIRE WEEK early, I never will know!

“Is it time?”, “Is he here?”, “Can I have one more treat?”

“Four more days.  No, not yet.  First, finish your meat!”


If one more person at check-out utters the phrase “Are you Ready?”

I may truly snap and become a WASP Yeti!

No, I am NOT, and no matter how hard I wish

I know one task will be left not crossed-off on my list.


The halls will be decked with the tree twinkling brightly

And with the help of an alarm – The Elf will hide nightly

Santa will come bearing presents to please us,

And we’ll spend quiet time with a baby called Jesus.


We’ll have laughter and family and singing and cheer

But sadly I did not send out even ONE CARD this year.

I LOVE to open my mail filled with colorful piles

And enjoy sending our own Tidings out over the miles.


To New York, Australia, California and Spain

To Liverpool, London, Connecticut, Maine.

Florida, Texas, Chicago, and Here

Sending our love to sweet friends far and near.


Cards are a way to tell special people we care,

Think of them often and yearn to again share

Some time telling tales, laughing loud, clinking Nog.

This year (sigh) no cards – but a Holiday Blog.


Festive packages wrapped, dear family gathered round

Our hearts will be filled and our blessings abound.

But we want to give thanks, before this season ends

For the most precious of gifts, the love of our friends.


We wish you the most glorious Holiday Season and a New Year filled with magic!

Tami & Becket




From → Laugh at Life

  1. Sue Malone permalink

    This was an awesome Christmas card!!! 🙂

  2. Love it! A poet too. How long did this take you! I’m impressed, sassy pants. Merry Christmas!

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